Akara Cafe

Akara Cafa: Akara, Fry Yam(Dudu), Fry Potatoes, Pamp, Gari, Plantain (Dodo)

Pizza Rite

Pizza Rite: Eat in. Take Out. Home Delivery. Call, SMS or Email to Order. Items; Chicken & Mushroom Meat Feast Pizza Hawaiian Pizza Sea Food Delux Pepperoni Margherita BBQ Chicken Pizza Veggie Sup

Rostol's Ice Cream

Rostol's Ice Cream: Vanilla Banana Vanilla Strawberry Vanilla Chocolate Banana Coffee ice block  

Veggie Highland

For all kinds of Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Salad, Assorted Fruits, Green Smoothies, Parfait, Veggie Wraps and all Healthy Meals.