Kid's Planet

Kid's Planet: We are a company based in Toronto, Canada with several years of experience in wholesale and retail of children’s products acquired in Canada. Our branch in Lagos, Nigeria distribut

Crest Variety Stores

      Stores     Magodo - Phase II     08023831975

Crest Variety Stores where you can get your beautiful and affordable gift items for any season ranging from Clothes, shoes, accessories, kiddies’ items, makeup and quality hair! Gift bundles&nbs

Tricee n Campbell Kiddies World

      Stores     Magodo - Phase I     08062466081

Tricee n Campbell Kiddies World: Baby Colthes, Kid wears, Bags, shoes, Toys

Steph All Sorts - Kiddies Department Store

Steph All Sorts is a Mega store that have varieties of products, ranging from item for babies, boys, girls, women.

B.I.O Lingerie

      Stores     Magodo - Phase II     08038600465

Kiddies underwear, Unisex Adult Underwear, Adult toys, Unisex Perfumes, Lotions, Scrubs, Oils

Crowns & Ribbons

      Stores     Magodo - Phase II     08033450480

Former Wear, Casual Wear, Shoes & Accessories for children

Wura Jewelry

      Stores     Magodo - Phase II     08033966392

Unique Hallmarked Sterling Silver (925) Jewelry and Natural stones in beautiful designs and tones

Loria-Manuels Shoes Etcetera

Showcasing our quality goods to the outside world and for our customers to have fun while they shop.


      Stores     Magodo - Phase II     08037390830

Atiku Voile, Bags, Belts, French Lace, Guinea Brocade, Headtie, Organizer Lace, Polish Voile, Slippers, Shoes, Wrist Watches, Accessories

Deelol's Place

      Stores     Magodo - Phase II     080333364495

Skirts Suit, Trousers Suits, Co-operate Dresses, Casual/Party Dresses, Camisoles, Shirts, Tops, Skirts, Pants, 3/4 Pants, Kiddies, Accessories

Fusion Trendz

      Stores     Magodo - Phase II     08033277800

Fusion Trendz: The goal of the company is to enable women look and feel good by providing shoes, bags and accessories that are affordable as well as trendy and fashion forward.‎ We intend to