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Brand is a goodwill and the image you project for people to see.  It involves mental Identity created for external appreciation.For a job search process, positive image needs to be created if success is the ultimate.

Habit of Highly Effective Brand for Job seekers

  • They have Superior online presence
  • They draft high flying Resume
  • They are bold and confident
  • They Dress for success
  • They are Career minded and focus
  • They are well groomed and have passion for learning
  • They have Professional emails and are Technological Savvy


Resume is a brief summary of the work life of a job candidate. It shows the capability of such candidate, his previous work place, achievements and educational qualification in other to ensure Hiring Managers‘ positive recruitment decision. By default Resume is a marketing pieces that speaks louder about potential applicants. It is often called Curriculum Vitae- CV. In some countries CV is different from Resume. However except for the Higher Institution, within the corporate environment in Nigeria, the two are the same.

Skeletal Compartment of Resume

  • Headline
  • Job Target
  • Career Profile
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Educational qualification
  • Volunteer experience
  • Activities and Affiliations
  • Interest/Hobbies
  • Reference

Your first page of your RESUME needs to show the information that will grab the attention of your recruiter. Consider this, your attitude towards this opportunity is not, please give me a job. Your attitude (without arrogance) but rather confidence, is I have much I can bring to your organisation and I would really like to work with you as I have research your organisation, I understand your history, and your organisation’s aspirations. I feel I can bring value to your business in this way…



HEADLINES: This include Name, Addresses and brief Contacts such as email & phone numbers of the Applicants.

JOB TARGET: Mention the position you are applying for.

CAREER PROFILE: This relates to who you are, your contribution to the function, your history… being passionate about an industry is not enough… recruitment boils down to how your contribution can be seen, how you will fit into the culture of the organization and your aspirations in the role. What do you want to achieve in this role? What will benefit this organization if they make you the offer?

SKILLS: These need to be areas you consider you have substantial experience… make it relevant to the position you are applying for.

EXPERIENCE: This is your work history. Summaries should be relevant to dates included. Your previous experiences will therefore constitute 50% here. This is the description of what you have done in your role. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION:summary of formal institutions and qualification obtained with relevant dates.

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCES: includes free works, courses and extra involvements.

ACTIVITIES/AFFILIATION: Extra ordinary professional affiliation or Association.

INTERESTS: This is productive involvements that may benefit the role related to the job Offering.

REFERENCES: This is the place where credible people could provide attestation for the candidate. Prior to this time, Contacts of such Professionals are provided. However for security reasons, phrases like: AVALABLE UPON REQUEST COULD BE WRITTEN HERE.


Dos & Don’ts of Highly Effective Resume

The Dos

  • Take time to meditate on your career goals before you  write your CV
  • Create your Resume By your Self & give others to Critique it
  • Write a career objective that connect you to the employment opportunity which you seek or interest you
  • Make your Resume easy to read, No ambiguities. Font such as CALIBRI, TIME NEW ROMAN should be used.
  • Print your resume on Clean sheet of paper, preferably Conqueror Cream
  • Write Cover Along Resume

The Don’t

  • Do not lie about your past experience,  achievement, CGPA, Age  & the likes
  • Do not belittle experience, volunteering, industrial attachment, internship & Extra curricular activities

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